Youth Advisory Council

What is the Youth Advisory Council?

We are a council of youth creating a better community and a better Maslow community. We give back to clients and the community by working on special projects to make Maslow project more welcoming and a positive environment. We strive to improve our individual leadership skills and work together to reach group goals

What is our mission? 

Our mission is uphold the Maslow’s mission and provide safe, fun, enriching, activities for our members and other Maslow project clients

What are we up to?

Gingerbread jubilee, christmas party, sanctuary one day of giving, kindness campaign, positive chalk, turkey trot, mothers day flowers for single mothers.

Whose on Y.A.C?

President: Crystal Tarbell

Vice President: Hope Sweeten

Secretary: Althea Keiser

Sargent in Arms: Layne Hagstrom

Council members: Madison Felder, Michael Mclaughlin , Isaac Allen

Advisor: Fallon Stewart

Co. Advisor: Ari Diaz

Youth Development Coordinator: Jorge Zamarripa

How can you get involved?

Donate Dinner, help us with a project, join Y.A.C, volunteer, share your skill or hobbies with us,  and participate in our community events.

What do we do at Y.A.C?

Planing and creating meals, eating created meals, disccusing how we can better Maslow clients and the community, organizing client and community projects. Attending important community events celebrating birthday’s for our members and recongnizing acheivements and award