21 Feb

Legacy Donor Spotlight: Jamie Hazlett

  • Jamie Hazlett Maslow Board
The success of Maslow Project is impossible to acknowledge without taking the time to mention that without our community – none of this is possible. One such individual we would like to recognize is a very special person to Maslow Project, our Board President, Jamie Hazlett.


We are lucky to have Jamie as a volunteer. Not only does she provide Maslow Project with invaluable service as Board President, but we are also grateful to have been included in her estate planning! We asked Jamie what prompted her to include Maslow Project as part of her legacy giving and Jamie had the following to say:


“For me, the decision to put Maslow Project in my Estate planning was the simplest decision of my Estate planning. The hardest part was getting the documents done. Lawyers are notorious for not following our own advice and my Estate planning was no exception. I have been a part of Maslow Project as a donor, board member and volunteer for almost ten years. As Maslow celebrates ten years as an organization this year I can say confidently that I am assured that Maslow will truly benefit from an unrestricted gift through my Estate planning. I am also assured that Maslow Project engages in ethical oversight and integrity in the management of its finances and that this gift will be treated with the utmost care. Maslow keeps kids and their needs at its center of all they do and I’m honored to be a part of this organization and plan for Maslow’s future through estate planning.”


Jamie, thank you so much for your outstanding service to this community, your compassion and dedication to seeing Maslow Project through. We could not do this without the support of donors like Jamie!


Want to provide Maslow Project with a legacy gift? – Email our Development Director corrie@maslowproject.com


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