Our Mission

We empower homeless youth to thrive independently through supports that stabilize and engage in all aspects of life.

About Us

Life can be hard. Getting help should not be! We make our services available through public schools, community-based Resource Centers (in Jackson and Josephine County), and if that doesn’t work, our Outreach Team can provide services on the streets or through our mobile outreach to rural communities.

At Maslow Project, we realize that basic needs must be met before children and families can focus on higher goals. How can children be expected to concentrate in school when their bellies are empty and they slept on a crowded living room floor? How does a high school student study for the SATs when desk is the front seat of a car? How does a young adult who’s been disconnected from family, school, and community, re-engage in a meaningful way when they’ve been in survival mode for so long?

Our vision is for every child to have a voice and a choice to shape their dreams. Our program model is intentionally low barrier and easy access. We do our best to provide the help people ask for, in the way that best works for them. Our outreach workers, advocates and case managers help people individually connect with the services and programs that best meet their needs and goals, and we stay with them along the way, lending encouragement and support.

We believe we can end youth homelessness with support and partnership from our community. Our services are 100% free to those we serve. We do this with support from our individual donors, grants, and government contracts. Grants and contracts are great in that they often help programs like ours expand or grow capacity. However, those are also unreliable funding sources and private gifts allow us to continue the full range of services and allows the most flexibility to meet our youth’s needs first and foremost. We have always been committed to very low overhead – making every dollar we receive – go further in helping those most in need. 

Number of individuals served:

2019 2930Clients
2017 2696Clients
2015 2319Clients
2013 2028Clients
2011 2050Clients
2009 600Clients

You matter. You are strong. We can do this together!

Maslow Project is committed to a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our program participants, staff, volunteers, and board members. We accomplish this through leadership, values, policies, and practices. We define diversity in terms of race, gender, religion, culture, national origin, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, parental status, immigration status, and socio-economics. We respect different experiences and cultures and will work to create an environment in which our clients, staff and community members feel supported, recognized, and rewarded in making their best contributions to the mission of our organization.