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04 Jun

Maslow Project Racism Black lives matter statement

We at Maslow Project want our black students and families, employees, and community to know that we see you, we feel deeply for you, and we stand in solidarity. It isn’t enough to simply condemn racism. We must look at where we are failing. We routinely see how students and families of color have been treated in our own communities. We see the pain it causes. We have witnessed systems turn a blind eye or protect the wrong person when an injustice has occurred. Maslow Project has always boldly stood up for civil rights, equity, and social justice. It is the very cornerstone of our mission AND we can do more to fight systemic and targeted racism. We will deepen our efforts to help our systems and community understand what equity means and how to achieve that through education, access to healthcare, basic needs, housing, and other supports. We will never be silent against racism, discrimination, or violations of civil rights. We will continue to listen, seek understanding, and use our voice for good. #BlackLivesMatter

04 Jun

COVID-19 Update

June 4, 2020

We know the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still very much on the minds of the clients we serve and members of our community. Our priority is, and will always be, to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and families we assist, our staff, and community members as a whole.

As our community moves toward phases of reopening, our Leadership team, in communication with our Board of Directors and public officials, are working on a plan to reopen the resource center on a “Services To-Go” basis. This plan is focused on continuing critical services while ensuring everyone’s safety. Youth experiencing homelessness get sick at 4 times the rate of their sheltered peers, and we must ensure high levels of safety standards. We appreciate your patience as this plan evolves. Our commitment to serve continues despite these challenges. 

At this time, we do not have the resources or facility infrastructure needed to accept and process clothing donations. We are referring to larger organizations like Goodwill and St. Vincent DePaul for clothing donations/needs, as they are able to adequately process donations. We will be able to accept donations of food, diapers, and hygiene supplies that arrive by mail or on a scheduled appointment at our Center. Details will be provided as we are contacted. And of course, support can be contributed directly through our website and we are putting 100% of COVID specified support to client needs:

Maslow Project is, and has always been, adaptable, resilient and solution oriented; much like our clients. We appreciate your continued support in our goal of providing services and supplies for those critical, urgent needs. Many thanks to those who have supported our efforts to stabilize our community – we appreciate you.

In health,


Mary Ferrell
Executive Director