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Basic Needs

Imagine trying to stay in school when you are cold and hungry; when you don’t have school supplies or clean clothes; when even basics like toothpaste and shampoo are out of reach. Maslow Project provides a variety of basic needs to our clients, including: hot meals, food boxes, clothing, hygiene supplies, diapers, and school supplies. By providing these supplies to homeless youth, we are able to bring an element of stability into their often-chaotic lives.

Street & School Based Outreach

Maslow Project works to meet homeless Jackson and Josephine County youth and families wherever they’re at, in order to remove any barriers they have to accessing the services they need. Whether in schools throughout our service area or on the street, our staff contact and identify homeless youth and families, and inform them of community resources/services. Through our “outreach to in-reach” strategy, our outreach workers develop a sense of trust with the youth we serve and encourage them to access additional support services through our Resource Center, and by entering our Case Management program.

Basic Needs Supplies



Family & Youth Advocacy

Maslow’s Advocates families with young children to community-based early childhood resources. They also help school-aged homeless youth overcome any barriers they may have to accessing an education: helping arrange transportation to school no matter how often their family moves around, making sure students can stay in their school of origin, and ensuring all students have the school supplies they need in order to be successful at school. They can also refer youth and families to our Case Managers if they need additional support

Case Management

Maslow Project’s Case Managers provide in-depth support to the individuals we serve. They help our clients develop goal plans, assist youth and families in accessing emergency shelter/transitional housing, track relevant academic data, assist with post-secondary goals. Our Case Managers also work closely with mental health counselors, tutors and other service agencies to ensure ongoing youth engagement and wrap-around supports.





Our on-site Counseling and Art Therapy Program provides traditional and non-traditional customized approaches to meet individual needs in a youth-friendly environment. Crisis-intervention; drop-in; milieu; brief; solution focused and Art Therapy.

Positive Youth Development

Maslow Project offers a number of enrichment and harm reduction opportunities to homeless youth and their families, including: life skills workshops, a Youth Advisory Council (YAC), drop-in art studio, and job readiness workshops and tutoring. When youth engage in opportunities, personal investment in their own well-being increases. Our programs are designed to help youth gain stability, stay in school, and transition into thriving adults.


Drop-In Resource Center

Drop In Center 1-edit

What You Can Access

Food pantry where our clients are able to receive a food box every two weeks.

Hygiene hallways where our clients are able to receive essential hygiene supplies and basic need items like blankets, tarps, tents and seasonal supplies every two weeks.

Jessica’s Closet provides clothing for children and youth, 24 and under. Our clients are able  to pick out up to 20 items of clothing every 30 days.

Onsite laundry services are available for our clients by weekly appointment. 

Snacks and heatable meals are available in our lobby daily.

We also have 3 computers that our clients can use to look up jobs, apply for HUD, print needed documents etc.

Harm reduction and life skills workshops take place monthly

A place to hang out and stay safe or meet with a case manager